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julia harvey marketing consultant

Hi, I'm Julia!

I love working with passionate small business owners who dream of helping more people by growing their businesses.

I'm a Mum of 2 young girls, so, just like many of my clients, I understand the strain of juggling motherhood with running a business. That's why I think it's so important to use expert strategies and data to help my clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing activity.

Because none of us have time to mess around, struggling to attract new clients.


So here is the CV bit, detailing my experience: 

  • I've worked in Marketing and Communications for 20 years. 

  • I have a Degree in Marketing from Brunel Univerity and a Post-Grad in Communications from Casper Libero University in Brazil. 

  • Before setting up my Consultancy I worked in-house for a variety of businesses and Charities in Brazil, the USA, Australia and here in the UK.

  • I went on to head up the Marketing department at Central YMCA in London where I led a team and managed all Marketing, Communication and PR activities across the charity, including events at the House of Commons, partnerships with large organisations such as Nike and Premiership Rugby and the development of 5 complex websites. 

  • Throughout my career I have worked with organisations in a variety of sectors including retail, sustainability, health and wellbeing, education, care and charities. 

My ultimate goal is to be your ally. To understands your unique vision and translate it into effective marketing stategies that get results. 

Want to explore how I can help you? 

"Julia's guidance and mentorship have taken my business to the next level"

Brands I've worked with

harbour club
st marys colchester
reef and rainforest reserach centre
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