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Ready to stop stressing

about your marketing? 

Let's get rid of the overwhelm, give you clarity and get your strategy sorted with a 1:1 Power Hour

Let me guess...

You're frustrated with social media and you want an expert to tell you what's right for YOUR business...

You just want your marketing to work so that you can get more clients and focus on what you love...

A Power Hour is the most flexible and affordable way to get actionable, expert advice tailored to your business goals.


During these 1:1 sessions, we can discuss any area of your marketing, including how to:

🌴 Learn how to master Instagram

🌴 Optimise your bio so that the right people find and follow you.

🌴 Master hashtags for your niche to increase your visibility.

🌴 Build a marketing strategy that saves you time.

🌴 Get more followers with easy engagement strategies.

🌴 Get more leads and sales through automated emails. 

🌴 Refine, strengthen and elevate your brand.

🌴 Sort out your website SEO so that people actually find it.

🌴 Make the most out of your paid Google and Meta Ads.

🌴 Use Canva like an expert to create on-brand graphics.

That's right! You can tap into my 20 years of Marketing experience and I'll lift the lid and show you all the tools I use to work more effectively and faster.

"Julia is very clearly an expert. We launched our socials last week and it's been a steep learning curve. Trying to make sense of information online has been challenging – there's so much of it, and a lot of it is contradictory and depends on your specific situation.

Thanks to Julia's help, we've saved a huge amount of time learning through trial-and-error. We've avoided the pitfalls we were heading into. The depth and breadth of Julia's expertise is impressive. We've taken so much away to work on in such a short period of time, with more confidence and clarity."

Sam Davies

How it works:

01. You'll fill in a pre-call questionnaire telling me about your business goals and marketing struggles.

02. I'll audit your current activities and put together a presentation full of insights and advice. 

03. We meet for 1 hour online and you'll get all your burning questions answered (although I'll probably go over, so don't be in a rush!)

04. I'll send you a PDF full of valuable marketing insights and actions you can take immediately.

You'll gain clarity and get excited about marketing your business again.

"I felt as though a lot of time was taken in considering what I personally need. It was a very tailored experience. Nothing was too much trouble, many questions answered. It genuinely felt like Julia wanted to help rather than just talk “technicals” at me.

Sod elf on a shelf, Julia is better, mini Mum in my pocket! Proudly nudging, nagging and helping.
I would seriously recommend anyone to take up this opportunity.

Best money I've spent in a long time."

Claire Morrell

"Julia helped us during a power hour to assess where we were going wrong with our marketing strategy.

She gave us some fantastic, honest advice that left us feeling encouraged rather than disheartened! We loved her constructive criticism.

Since we have made some of her suggested changes, we have seen our social media presence grow significantly. Thank you so much, Julia!

Highly recommended!"

Sandra Lopez

Do you want to chat first?

I completely understand.

It's an investment so if you have any questions...

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